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05-17-2011, 11:05
I am going to compare some Ameriglo sights to Truglo TFOs on my Glock 19. I recently started doing some practical pistol shoots and working on more dynamic situation shooting and have found that in dim light my Ameriglo sights tend to disappear to more of a just black looking sight. I am working on shooting with both eyes open so this has caused me some grief, either I have to close my non-dominant eye and lose some speed or keep them both open lose focus on my front sight at times and lose some accuracy (once again this is for me and my experiences, yours may vary). The Ameriglos are great during a sunny day and that orange sight smacks you right in the eye, but like I said in dim conditions it just goes to dull and blended.

Here's pics of the Ameriglo GC-65R-180 ( and GL-212-OR ( copy.jpg)front on Glock 19 in various lighting conditions (I took a lot of pics and chose the ones that were closest to how it actually looks to my eye in person):
pitch black (green dot in center)
overcast day in kitchen
hallway to kitchen, overcast day
walking into bedroom with blinds shut on overcast day
under the skylight in the bathroom, overcast day

As you can see if the light is bright then the sight is great but in dim conditions it really gives more to want.

*My review of the TFO will be tomorrow when they arrive (should be in the AM if the UPS guy is on time and installed by afternoon).

05-17-2011, 17:55
The sights you just reviewed are a very well made quality set of sights. The ones you have coming via UPS, not so much. You'll feel the difference as soon as you unwrap them.

05-18-2011, 06:55
Can you elaborate further? I know they are both steel construction so I don't know if you mean material wise or if there are machining issues etc. I will give my opinion on them too but I just wondered how you formed your opinion.

I also want to note that the Ameriglo sights ARE GREAT. They are rock freaking solid and have served me well I have just noticed that, for me, the sights are not optimal for dusk or overcast days. This is the only, I mean only, reason I am looking into the TFOs.

Also Ameriglo's customer service is top notch and they are only 3 hours from me so when I order from them my sights always come next day lol. Bonus.

05-18-2011, 07:57
I have the TFOs on my G30SF, which I use for a CCW. I think they're the most visible sights by a huge margin. Very high quality. I love mine.

05-18-2011, 15:33
Well I recieved my TFOs today. I was highly pleased with how they looked and felt in hand. They appear to be very solid and sturdy. I was very annoyed that when I went to put on the front sight it wiggled no matter how tight the darned screw was. I contacted Truglo and they told me that with Glock 19s they often need a shorter screw and he assured me a new shorter screw was being sent out to me immediately. They were very polite and reassuring. I put the front sight on anyhow to take some pics to show the difference in the same lighting conditions.

Once again it's a rainy day in PA so here's the overcast pictures:
pitch black
overcast day in kitchen
hallway to kitchen overcast day
walking into bedroom with blinds shut, overcast day
under the skylight in bathroom, overcast day

It's pretty clear to me that the TFO is hands down brighter in every aspect than the Ameriglo. I'll make sure to post a range report when the new front screw comes in and I get the rear sight pushed on.

05-18-2011, 22:40
A nice experiment and exercise in comparing two sight types under a variety of lighting conditions... :thumbsup:

But your review, in large part, describes the advantage of fiber optic sights--any fiber optic sights--over sights that don't utilize fiber optic rods. I'd suggest TFO's Vs. Standard Sights might serve better than AmeriGlo Vs. TruGlo TFO.

I do realize the TFO's combine tritium lamps along with FO rods to provide illuminated sights in a wider variety of ambient lighting conditions--more so than any other sights will.

But MrVvrroomm's comment on TFO's quality is well founded. Do a search--if you can get the search function to work for you--on TFO sights, and you will find that TFO's have more complaints filed against them than any other sight brand in the GT databse, by a wide margin. It's just a fact. :dunno:

I suppose it's possible that TFO quality has improved as of late... But the complaints regarding TFO's have included...

- Poor Workmanship
- Poor Fit
- Poor Finish
- Poor Customer Service
- FO Rods Falling Out
- Tritium Lamp Failure

Keep in mind that TFO's have the crappiest warranty going--ten years on the tritium lamps (imported and distributed by Trijicon) and 90-Days on the sights themselves. This is something TruGlo isn't all that upfront about...

But they are a clever and unique product--I don't disagree. ;)

Some shooters will object to the big, fat, front sight blade... But sights are a lot like underwear, in that they tend to be a very personal preference...


P.S. The very cool Sig Sauer Equinox uses a TFO front sight with a marker-less tritium rear sight. The result is a FO sight that really pops in the rear sight notch, and the familiar 3-dots in a darkened setting.

P.P.S. For all the press TFO's get here, I'd like to see them advertise on GT!

05-19-2011, 06:50
Thank you for that info Ray. These appear to be in good working order and the machining looks nice on them, no defects so far *knock on wood*. I am disappointed thought that they would put a sight on the market listed for Glock 19 and then have a screw that is too long for the Glock 19! That is just stupid, no other way to say it. I am looking forward to field testing them. I hope they hold up under the recoil and stay bright over time. Only time will tell.

I'll keep you posted with a range report.

05-19-2011, 06:52
BTW, I was aware of the warranty and was disappionted but got these at a great price so I'm not freaking out too bad. I got them for $72.

05-20-2011, 13:06
Got the rear sight pushed on, still waiting on that new short screw from Truglo to come in but I put the front sight on just to check out the sight picture. Looks promising!

05-25-2011, 07:12
Well I'm not too pleased with TruGlo's customer service. I contacted them to find out if/when they would be shipping me out the shorter screw for the front sight and they gave me the run around. I was told that I was not in their system at all and the Tech that I spoke to, Dennis, told the receptionist that he had never spoke to me a week ago so no screw was sent out (liar!). She then told me that she would have one sent to me. I called later in the day not trusting them and got a different receptionist that told me I once again was not in their computer system and no screw would be sent to me at this time because "they have no envelopes". That's right, no *******ING envelopes at Truglo! I actually laughed and just hung up. I called this AM and got the same receptionist as yesterday and she acted like she didn't remember me and now tells me their whole computer system is down and there's no way to process my claim and need for a new screw. I told her it's a freaking .12 cent screw just freaking send it! Needless to say they suck. I just took the long one and cut it, filed it, polished it until I got the right length and my sight is installed. I will have to get to the range sometime this weekend and test these badboys out! I love the sight picture and the product appears to be robust and of good quality. CS=Poop

05-25-2011, 07:21
Of course here's a pic of them installed completely. I have admit I am very pleased with how they match my slide lettering coloring perfect completing my Zombie/Predator theme Glock:

05-25-2011, 07:26
Hmmm, it appears you give up a lot of sight radius with that front sight.

05-25-2011, 11:25
I'd say it's about 2 regular night sights long. Not noticable to my eye as far as sight picture goes but we will see how it actually works when I go to the range.

Just in case anyone was curious this works with all my holsters: Shielded Holsters, Dale Fricke, Uncle Mike's Kydex, etc.

05-26-2011, 07:42
Thanks for the review.

05-26-2011, 12:48
Thanks MrVvrroomm. I must apologize to TruGlo because although there was confusion and they claimed not to have my info etc, a sight screw did come in the mail today. Hey at least I have a back up now!

Here's a shot in direct sunlight in kitchen:
Sunny day outside, in the shade:

Skipper Bob
05-30-2011, 22:28
I have the TFO`s on my G-17 and for my older bi-focal aided eyes they are fantastic! very bright in daylight and as good as any other nite-sight in low light. Quality is 1st rate IMO with close to 1,500 rounds with them.

05-31-2011, 07:14
You have a hard time getting good pics of the tritium glowing with the camera. My Hacks show up much better than the pics. Just ordered another set of Hacks for my new G32. Tried a white dot front night sight for comparo and went back to the orange tritium front sight.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out fiberoptics work well in low light situations, I have some and they work well. (show up for camera pics too) If the TFOs were not so friggin huge a bulky I may have them on my Glocks. If you have to use or draw your gun I'd money you won't be paying much attention to the sights anyway.

05-31-2011, 08:18
Skipper Bob,
I have to admit that I love the sight picture on these bad boys. I am going to try and get to the range this Friday to really stretch my legs out with these bad boys. I'm hoping they help me with shooting both eyes open on the move. (although when close I just tend to point shoot). Anything past 5 yards and I start trying to be really front sight focused. It's a work in progress :)

I agree with the having to actually draw would I see the sights deal. I'd hope that through repitition I would but most likely I would not.

Here's some more pics to show side by side comparisons of 3 sights so you know it was in the same location, same time, same lighting.

Glock plastic, Truglo TFO, Ameriglo Pro (left to right):

06-02-2011, 16:04
Again, a great thread! And a nicely illustrated and useful review!

But I will maintain that Fiber Optic Vs. Non-Fiber Optic Sights, or The Advantage of Fiber Optic Sights, would be a more accurate representation of what you're demonstrating here.

Some Additional Thoughts…

Of the pics provided, those shot into the light source, such as a window, are going to light-up the fiber optic sight, while washing out the other sights--that's going to happen using both cameras and eyes.

If lit from the rear, you'll notice that the FO sight, while still good, doesn't exactly smoke the other two sights in visibility. Here too, both eyes and cameras will see it the same way.

As for the pics shot in darkened conditions, keep in mind that dark-adapted eyes see far better than eyes plunged into darkness--you learn this quickly doing astronomy, where after an hour outdoors with nothing but a red flashlight, stars you didn't notice "pop" right out at you! Conversely, camera settings can make a huge difference in how a point light source shows up in a darkened room. Just saying...

Fun Fact! Amaze Your Friends! Fun at Parties! This is anecdotal, but it pertains to what I just said about camera settings. Take your camera--even your cell phone camera--and using the night setting, point it at the front of your TV or DVD remote control, and push a function button on the remote. In the LCD view finder you will see bright pulses of light--light you otherwise don't even see, because it's infrared light, invisible to you, but not your camera's CCD (or your TV/DVD's remote receiver). Anyway...

Attached is a pic of a Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight, as shown from the shooter's point of view (I was trying out a LaserMax Sabre at this time), with fairly even lighting front and back. Notice that in addition to the FO front sight fairly "popping" in that matte-black rear sight notch, how the serrations on the rear sight really do gobble up ambient light, and reduce reflection back towards the shooter. This is another product feature that works!


P.S. As to apologizing to TrueGlo, hey, you were only reacting to what they told you!

06-03-2011, 05:55
Thank you for the tips and kind words Ray. I see what you're saying about the night setting on the camera now. I should have used that for the tritium only shots in dark. I will have to try that soon. Your sights look great! What is that on the back of the grip?

06-03-2011, 06:19
What is that on the back of the grip?

That is a LaserMax Sabre, frame mounted, grip-activated laser designator...

I did a review on it a while back...

Below are two additional pics...


06-05-2011, 08:21
Wow that looks pretty sweet Ray. Too bad I'm a lefty, my thumbs forward grip would block the laser for sure. That's cool that it adds an extended beaver tail.

Side not, I got to the range on Friday with the new sights and they are spot on POI/POA. Very pleased with the sights. They are super bright in the sunlight. Very easy to use and keep focus.