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View Full Version : From .40 S&W to 10mm??

05-17-2011, 13:27
Mr. Ayoob,

Do you see any practical justification to move from a .40 S&W to a 10mm?

I have read your work and watched your videos for years. Thanks for taking the time to be on Glocktalk.


Mas Ayoob
05-17-2011, 14:38
Depends on the shooter's needs, Eagle.

If my profile of needs indicated likelihood of long shots, I'd definitely go with a higher velocity 10mm.

If I was woodswalking in bear country (as opposed to, say, dirtbag country), I would definitely prefer a 10mm, using a deep-driving hunting load.

For all around use, the higher capacity vis-a-vis grip girth, the readier availability of ammunition, the lower cost of ammunition, and the greater controllability of .40 S&W compared to full power 10mm Auto would find me preferring the .40.