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05-17-2011, 18:17
It appears (to my eyes) that the factory rear sights on all of my Glock Safe Action Combat Pistols sit higher than the front sight (yes of course I know they do). Is there a chart that shows at what point the bullet will intersect the sight line with each available factory rear sight?

How far down range is the bullet when it climbs/first intersects the line of sight? And then when does it drop back through the line of sight?

From my question you can tell I assume the rear sight is high enough to cause the bullet path to arc up and then back down rather than just come out nearly straight and arc down.

05-22-2011, 21:06
The sights are higher than the bore. The projectile will always be under the sight line.
All pistol calibers shoot flat enough that they never do "arch" above the sight line and drop such as you have described