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05-20-2011, 14:33
I shoot left-handed, and am new to Glocks (I've known of them, just not a lot about them).

Which models would be considered LH-friendly, in terms of ambidextrous (or reversible) magazine release?


05-30-2011, 22:54
You can shoot any Glock pistol left Handed. Right Handed shooters do it all the time in a "weak hand drill".
Learn to use your ring finger to drop the mag and you will be well on your way. Want to see a "fast lefty"? Check out Pat Kelley: http://bit.ly/jXeVwv

06-20-2011, 17:21
Thanks, JR. I ended up purchasing a Gen 4 Model 23 (.40S&W). I have already swapped the magazine release to the 'lefty' side. :cool:

Soooo, what have you got that will fit my Gen 4 G23? 9mm barrels? .357SIG barrels? .45GAP barrels? :aod:


07-04-2011, 17:35
The Gen3 barrels will fit your gen4 G23. We offer them in 9mm, 40, 357. Trigger springs & connectors are basically the same too.