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05-20-2011, 23:48

This is a beginner question. Realizing the need to identify the source of anything out of the ordinary at night inside a residence, before aiming at a target.................would you use a weapon mounted light on your own p226 or glock 22 like a TLR3? Would you also carry a 100-300 lumen/watt hand held? If so, do these not also make one a target? Its not a fair question, but its realistic for many of us thinking about a weapon mounted light. Thanks again for your advice up front.


Mas Ayoob
05-21-2011, 05:06
For search, you want separate light. In anything but SWAT or combat use, the light on the gun is for emergencies. It gives you one last chance to make sure that what you're firing at is in fact a threat target. Otherwise, you're pointing a loaded gun at anything you look at, which may turn out to be a member of your own family.

If there's an armed intruder, you're already a target. The light can blind the opponent, interfere with his shooting ability, and buy you life-saving time to rectify the situation.