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05-21-2011, 22:17

I remember when the NM State Police adopted the G31 a few years ago, but recently learned they have switched to the M&P 45.

I can't believe they wore out their G31s in just a few years. Any light you can shed on the subject would be appreicated.

Just wondering if you know why.




Mas Ayoob
05-21-2011, 22:52
Actually, it's my understanding that they switched to the M&P in .357 SIG, not .45 ACP.

I've been out of touch with NMSP. When I was in New Mexico 4 or 5 years ago talking with their instructors, they told me they were very happy with the Glock 31. I have no idea what led to the switch.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help,