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05-24-2011, 02:48
JR, I have been having a good time shooting the past couple of weeks. First time I've had a lot of time to shoot, for years. My G27 and G30 are stock except for a 3.5lb connector and a 0.25 trigger job (just Flitz on a q tip, no Dremel). It is strange but the trigger on the G27 has a definite, precise reset. It actually has a noticeable "click" when it hits the reset point. The G30 reset is softer and quieter and doesn't feel quite as "precise". Can you tell me how adding a Wolff 6lb trigger spring might effect the feeling of the trigger pull on my Glocks?

05-28-2011, 22:56
Each trigger job stands on its own. Dosent matter if all the parts are the same.... no two are EXACTLY the same.
Adding the six pound trigger spring helps eliminate some of the pre-travel and makes it noticeably lighter. I recommend you try it, you might like it!