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05-24-2011, 18:48
I'm sure there are many threads on this topic but every year new gadgets and gizmos come out I thought I would share the carry system that works for me, and in the process maybe pick up some new ideas from you. I will apologize ahead of time for my long winded-ness, but hopefully you will find some useful information in here.

I have two baby glocks that I usually carry. I use a G26 and a G27 both with night sights. I wear work cargo type pants (usually Wrangler Riggs) with a heavy leather belt. I use a Crossbreed Supertuck holster which fits both guns.
I normally carry a standard capacity mag in the gun with a GAP floor plate while it's in the holster. Not only do they help with recoil, but just as importantly, they help a lot with the draw. When the SHTF one is most likely going to be under stress, and Murphy's law says that you probably won't be in an ideal drawing/shooting stance when it does. In this case one needs all the advantages they can get, and these simple little pieces of polymer go a long way to helping get the job done right.

My spare magazine is a slightly more interesting combination, and it's also my primary reason for wanting to share my carry system with you. I carry a G19 mag and a G23 mag with my baby Glocks for the added capacity. I swap the standard floor plate for a built in mini flashlight adaptor floor plate that is made by Glock,
( These are great for use with baby Glock because they do not come with accessory rails. I've found a flashlight at VIP (which can also be found at Sportsman's Guide which fits the adaptors very well. They fit very snug so as not to loosen during recoil. These lights are knurled on both ends with a smooth spot in the middle. The baseplate flashlight adaptor just happens to perfectly fit in this smooth spot. The knurling also helps keep the light from moving under recoil. I have to heat the polymer adaptor with a hair dryer in order to push them in over the knurling on the light. Then I tighten the plastic thumb screw which is intended hold the light in place. I have a fairly large paw, but with the G19 & 23 mags the light fits nicely underneath the bottom of my hand while the mag is in the weapon. These are inexpensive LED lights but they are VERY bright for the price. I may upgrade to a higher quality light when I find one that fits this tight (and when I have the extra money to spend) but for now these work very well.
I carry the mag in my left cargo pocket with the flashlight on the top and pointing forward. This way when I pull it out it is positioned correctly for insertion into the weapon. The addition of the light on the bottom of the mag has the added benefits of making a good handle to grab the mag by, and it also keeps the magazine positioned correctly in my cargo pocket. One of the benefits I have found is that when I want to use the light separately from the gun I can use the mag itself as a handle for the light and actuate the tail switch on the light with my thumb.
I complete the "spare mag package" with a magazine sleeve made by Midsouth. ( This little gadget just slides down over the mag and makes the grip feel more like a G19 or G23. I normally don't use these on mags because they add extra bulk and make it so that I wouldn't be able to use that mag in a standard carry case. In this situation it doesn't matter because with the light adaptor on it I can't fit these mags in a case anyway.
I would share some photos, but at the moment I am having some technical difficulties with my camera. As soon as I have it resolved I'll show ya what it all looks like. I've added some links so that you can find the gizmos online and see what they look like.
Let me know what you think, and what carry system/s you have found that work good for you.

05-24-2011, 19:24
BTW, One difficulty that I've had with using a wide stance IWB type holster such as the Crossbreed Supertuck is that I don't have much real estate left on the right side of my belt to comfortably mount my cell phone. I don't like it on my left. I end up putting it on the right side either in a cargo pocket or accessory pocket, but it slaps back and forth as I move around and I'm afraid that it might damage it. Has anyone else run into this? If so how did you resolve it?