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05-27-2011, 08:26
In order to avoid a home invasion confrontation, what kind of home improvements do you recomend when it comes to reinforcing door frames, doors and entry points to the house.

Also, do you favor any particular kind of locks on the house as harder to pick/punch/jump? Do you particularly disfavor any brands that you know to be easily picked or not worth the time to install them?

My goal is to make people looking for an easy score to say "You must be kidding...I'm not even going to waste my time...".

Mas Ayoob
05-27-2011, 19:10
IMHO, solid doors in solid frames, with solid locks like the Medeco are the way to go. The old Fox door lock out of New York, which was an angled bar that fit a steel-reinforced niche in the floor and literally wedged the door shut, was great. Dunno if they still make 'em, but shouldn't be too hard to fabricate.

Also, consider closed circuit TV or at least an intercom at the door: a lot of home invasions begin when someone posing as a traveler or deliveryman tricks a member of the household not as savvy as you, into opening the door. Price of that technology has come down, and it isn't just for millionnaires anymore.

Best of luck,