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05-27-2011, 10:02
Do you think a 44 special snub Taurus or Charter arms is better for self defense stopping power than a Taurus snub 38 Special. I have read that 38 has more stopping power because more reaserch has been put into modern hollow points for it. However hollow points can clog and the 44 special bullet is wider and heavier. Have you ever carried a snub 44 special for SD?

Mas Ayoob
05-27-2011, 19:20
Carried a Charter Bulldog .44 for a while long ago, didn't care for it. The Gold Dot is promising in that caliber, but don't know of any shootings with it; Winchester apparently reworked their Silvertip .44 Special a few years ago and midwestern handgun hunters I know have told me it performs well on large whitetails, which is a good indication that it'll work on bipeds.

Personally, I'm comfortable with 135 grain Gold Dot +P in a J-frame .38 Special for backup, but your mileage may vary.


05-28-2011, 17:51
Thanks for the input on ammo selection