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05-27-2011, 15:55

With the up-tick in home invasions and such, Iíve been thinking of getting a small gun that I can keep on my person all the time when I am at home. I have a couple larger ďhouse gunsĒ but I typically donít carry at home. I thought it would be prudent to have something (even something small) on my person at all times when Iím at home. At home, I donít like the idea of having to wear a cover shirt or such to keep a gun concealed. But since I have two younger children (7 & 11) we have neighbor kids over quite often so I would have to keep the firearm as discreet as possible.

Therefore, I've been looking for a small semi-auto that I can carry in the front pocket of my pants. A true ďpocket pistolĒ combined with a good pocket holster that minimizes printing. Iím not looking for a CCW gun as I already have a couple that I use for that (Springfield Micro .45 and an older DAO Taurus 85CH).

Looked at the Kel-Tec P32 and the P-3AT. I also looked at the NAA Guardian in .32 and the Ruger LCP. I can see why everyone puts laser sights on them as the factory sights on all of them are horrid. I might be old fashion (Iím 53) but I really prefer plain old sights over lasers or holographs.

Then I found the S&W bodyguard 380 which has reasonably good, low profile 3 dot sights, but also has a built in integrated laser. Unfortunately, the laser activation system is horrible! The on/off switch is right next to the muzzle, and it has no intermittent on/off capability. I'd still buy it if the laser was removable. . . but it isn't.

Even looked at the Bersa Thunder CC, but it really isnít much smaller than my Springfield Micro .45. I have to admit I like the styling of the Bersa.

A pocket pistol that I could stick in a pocket and then ďforgetĒ, would be the most convenient solution.

Iím thinking that my choices are:

- Carrying one of my CCW guns, perhaps using a paddle holster, so I can remove it easily if needed. Currently I use the Hume JIT Belt Holsters. Then just making sure that Iím wearing the proper clothing to cover the holster/gun. :sad:

- Buying one of the above .32s/.380s and just figuring that in a home intrusion situation, the minimal sights wonít matter because Iíll likely be shooting at targets just a few feet.

- Buying one of the above .32s/.380s, adding a laser sight and just dealing with my anti-laser-phobia :supergrin:

So Have I missed any guns/options


Mas Ayoob
05-27-2011, 19:25
From the options you list, my first choice personally would be a full size gun in the hip holster, concealed under a loose shirt. If that didn't work, my next choice on your list would be the pocket holster, probably containing a Kahr PM9 or the new low priced version, the CM9. (The one I tested was SWEET, and it's more than $200 cheaper than the PM9).

Feel free to drop back here and let us know what choice works out best for you.

Best of luck,

05-27-2011, 23:09

I should mention that my my anti-laser-phobia is simply based on not wanting to become dependent on technology (which can fail at the worst times). I learned to shoot with a DA revolver (Taurus .22 which I still have) and I still enjoy shooting DA revolvers.

Anyway, I think you talked me out of getting a new gun! :crying:

Instead I'll put my money towards getting a quality IWB holsters for one of my current guns.

I'm looking at models like the Galco King Tuk Tuckable, or a CrossBreed SuperTuck Deluxe. (still have to do some more research). I think that a good IWB holster will conceal better than my current "outside" belt holsters and resolve the discreetness issue.

Now I just need to choose between my Glock 19 (lighter but fatter) or my Springfield Micro Loaded .45, which is heavier but smaller, thinner and has night sights!

Decisions decisions!

Thanks for the input!

06-14-2011, 12:24

Ended up picking up a S&W 442!

Actually I'm still waiting for the Bleeping background check to clear. I always get the "unexplained delays" for some reason :steamed:.

It will need a trigger job to get rid of the 80# Lawyer trigger that S&W seems to put on all of their J frames now days :dunno:.

The size pushes the upper boundary limit that I was looking for, but with a DeSantis pocket holster, it does (barely) disappear in the front pocket of my jeans. And it's about 8-9 ounces lighter than my old Taurus 85CH which is a big plus.

Thanks for the input!