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05-28-2011, 19:49
My stock G20 shoots a little high at 50ft. The rear site is designated with a big line with a smaller line over it. Is this standard? Happy with the grouping- just have to aim well under target which leaves additional room for error. Many thanx

05-28-2011, 20:31
Yep, you have the correct sight. You might find the following information useful

It is our experience the following work best in most cases:
+0 (6.5) works best on 9/40/357 guns except the 26,27,33
+1 (6.9) works best with 10/45 guns and the 26,27,33

Glock Number to Aftermarket Number Chart:
Glock Factory 6.1 = -1 Aftermarket
Glock Factory 6.5 = +0 Aftermarket
Glock Factory 6.9 = +1 Aftermarket
Glock Factory 7.3 = +2 Aftermarket
-1 (6.1) and +2 (7.3) primarily used for sight adjustment.

Sight Adjustment:
Adjust the rear sight in the same direction you want the bullet impact to move.
Each sight height will result in a 2"-3” change of impact @ 25 yards.
Impact is low, raise rear sight.
Impact is high, lower rear sight.