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05-29-2011, 18:08
A previous post here got me thinking about the direction of spin of Golden Sabre JHP's.

I've read some complaints that GSs fail to expand well in tests. Here's a theory for you all to "shoot down" (or NOT).

My understanding is that Glock barrels have a right hand twist. My GS's look like the "petals" overlap to the left. I would think they're designed to open better with a left hand rotation. Will the direction of the overlap affect the terminal ballistics when fired through a Glock?

Wouldn't a right hand spiral be more likely to keep the petals closed rather than opening up?

How do they perform in standard Glock barrels? Has anyone ever tested for this in ballistic gelatin (say through a Glock barrel vs a LWD with left hand twist)??

(Maybe the effect of spin direction is nil compared to forward momentum?)

Inquiring minds ...
.....(sweat the small stuff)!

05-29-2011, 19:19
Here's one I can answer. I own several 1911s. Most are right handed models. But one is a left handed, down to reversed rifling. Properly designed bullets expand properly in any regardless of the rifling direction.