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05-29-2011, 18:57
Convicted of 1st degree murder in a self defense shooting.
Just wanted to get an experts analysis of the shooting and later conviction.
It really seems to be a bizarre case and outcome.

Mas Ayoob
05-29-2011, 19:12
Every shooting case is unique in its own way, and that's particularly true of Oklahoma v. Ersland.

There are multiple complicated issues in the case, some obvious, some less so. Way too much to address in the "quick question, short answer" format to which the GATE section here is geared.

Stay tuned, though. I'll be talking about it in depth in blog and print medium in the weeks and months to come, and will try to remember (if my aging brain cells allow) to post links here.

Sorry I couldn't do better at the moment,

05-29-2011, 19:27
Thank you for your time. I look forward to your analysis. Keep us posted.