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05-29-2011, 23:01
Hey guys, I am new to this site and wanted some input on a malfuntion to my glock 23. The first day i got it after receiving it from the factory, i had about 200 rounds through it... click, the trigger stuck down. I cleared the round and looked at it to find that the firing pin struck the round and had not fired. I pulled the trigger again... click, same thing. I then field stripped the firearm to examine the problem, immediately there was a loose piece of metal that fell from inside the slide. I reassembled the slide and used a different ammo to be sure that it wasnt faulty ammo. Pulled the trigger one more time... click, same thing. At this point i noticed my front sight was way loose. I believe the mounting bracket inside the slide broke off and caused malfunctions to the internals of my glock.

I had tritium night sights installed from the factory. I was wondering if anyone else has had, or seen a problem like this, or if i am one in a million with this problem. either way i have contacted glock and believe i should receive a new firearm. What do you think?

05-30-2011, 22:33
Take it back to the shop you purchased it from. Odds are they have a qualified person on staff that will be able to resolve the issue promptly.