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05-31-2011, 20:47
Hi Guys,

I was in my local gunshop the other day and ran across a very slightly used "Wilson Protector".
It wasn't the SS model but it still caught my eye as it was sitting among a
half dozen stainless Kimbers.
The most expensive 1911 I own is a Dan Wesson PM7 so I can't really compare it to anything I have........ so here's my question...
He's asking $2000. for it.... I looked on a few sites and I really don't think it's too far off. But I don't know.. Looks like they list for 2600 or so,
and I think I can get it for $ 1900 ....
Is that a fair price ?????

I love reading this Sub- forum....

05-31-2011, 20:56
Not a bad or a great deal.

38 Super Fan
05-31-2011, 22:00

05-31-2011, 22:46
Not a bad or unreasonable price. The value certainly depends on the options. If it is decked out with features you like and in great condition it could even be a fairly good deal.

06-01-2011, 15:20
Thanks for the input ...............