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06-01-2011, 23:36
i own a 17L with the non ported barrel...i recently shot a 17C with the ported was great....i understand that the very early 17L models had a ported barrel but was prone to the barrels cracking...does glock make a 17L ported barrel that was improved so the barrel doesn't crack as a retrofit for us 17L owners that want a ported barrel for our longslides..thanks...mike

06-02-2011, 22:35
Glock dropped the idea.
LWD picked up the ball and ran with it. See the 17L ported here

06-06-2011, 21:05
that lone wolf barrel looks promising ....but i use this 17L in the GSSF indoor matches in michigan and i can not use aftermarket parts....that is why i was hoping to use a glock sourced retrofit ported barrel if one ever existed ......maybe i will have to hunt for an early 17L with the ported barrel as an alternative...yea i know about the early ported barrels cracking.......if i am lucky and find an early 17L maybe i'll just magnaflux or X-ray the ported barrel to closely monitor it's condition...thanks

06-08-2011, 22:44
Truth is, the cracks dont do anything negative to the barrels performance

06-10-2011, 13:03
is there a glock modification specialist that can take a stock unported 17L barrel and machine it to replicate the ported early 17L barrel or were there significant differences beyond machining that would make this impractical.....or is machining a unported barrel into a ported barrel illegal under GSSF rules....thanks....mike

06-19-2011, 15:15
Yes LWD offers a porting service
Be sure to read the warning regarding EDM Glock factory barrels.