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06-03-2011, 20:04
Paladin for HK P2000 (Belong to TwoGuns here)

Wraith IWB For Ruger SP101 (Belongs to another forum member who's UN escapes me)

Wraith for Wilson Combat CQB Compact

06-03-2011, 20:22
LCP pocket holster

Kimber Ultra Paladin

06-03-2011, 20:41
Wraith IWB for G29/30 (MINE! :tongueout:)

06-04-2011, 18:54
Pleasure talking to you today, looking forward to using your holsters.


06-20-2011, 12:41
I received my Paladin and Wraith holsters. The quality and finish is incredible, the fit between pistol and holster is excellent. Scott told me the Paladin brings the pistol very close to the body when I talked to him, I am not much of an OWB guy unless it is at the range.

I carried a Glock 17 in the Paladin with just a T shirt covering it for the whole day. The holster felt great and stayed extremely close to my body. The Wraith IWB feels better than Sparks and the quality seems a notch or Two above it.

Thanks for the holsters and the fast turn around time.


06-20-2011, 13:02
Glad you like them Paulie! Let me know if you need anything else!

06-20-2011, 19:02
Just wanted to let everyone know, that in the next 60 - 90 days will will have a stocking dealer here on the East coast. They are going to try to keep 200-300 holsters in stock.
When we deliver the first shipment, I will let everyone know who and their contact info. They will be shipping quickly without our normal wait. We are considering doing a stocking dealer in the West also.

Thanks to everyone here on GT that has, and continues to supported us.

We really appreciate everything.

06-21-2011, 14:24
This is our new Paladin S (Slide) It should be really fast for IDPA. It will also fit any "family" of guns.

06-22-2011, 18:00
Very nice!

06-22-2011, 21:36
Need a IWB for a HKc. The Occidental Phoenix Stronghold is what i will probably end up with but a little pricey.

06-22-2011, 21:42
I live 30 minutes away is there any way I could drive over and get a glock 19 wraith if you have any made?

06-23-2011, 05:52
I live 30 minutes away is there any way I could drive over and get a glock 19 wraith if you have any made?

I believe we have a couple extra G19 Wraiths in stock. You are welcome to come over. Please call us first and let us know you are coming.


06-23-2011, 18:19
I need a Paladin slide for the Glock 9/40 frame. I wore the Wraith holster all day today, felt great.


08-23-2011, 17:50
LCP Paladin. Ain't it cute!

08-28-2011, 11:10
SR9 Paladin Slide with shark trim.

08-28-2011, 11:11
Our newly redesigned pocket holster for the Ruger LCR.

09-04-2011, 13:36
Paladin for 1911 Commander

Paladin Slide with shark trim fo SR40

09-16-2011, 17:16
Double mag carrier with shark trim.

09-16-2011, 17:18
Single mag carrier.

09-28-2011, 18:10
Glock, Paladin Slide with gator trim.