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06-04-2011, 05:02
I took my "Pre-27" .357 Magnum to the range yesterday. Not the first time I'd fired it, but the other time was just walking down the hill behind the house and plinking with some 38 wadcutters.

This time I took a box of American Eagle 158 gr JSP .357's along. Normally I don't shoot .357, as a matter of fact this was probably the first full box I'd fired in my life.

Man, that thing is SWEET. The big gun just soaked up the recoil. Whoever owned it before me must have sighted it in with that, or a similar load at 10 yards. At that distance it was dead on the center of a standard IPSC silhouette target. Just ate it up. The standard Magna stocks want to twist a bit in my hand under recoil. A bigger stock might help, but wouldn't look as "classic."

That's a fun gun to shoot. :supergrin:

Zombie Steve
06-04-2011, 07:40
Very cool. :thumbsup:

06-04-2011, 21:02

I love old Smiths.