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Jon G23
06-06-2011, 11:39
I have a very early G23. I bought this new in either August or Sept of 1990.

I have the gun and box, no papers (well, they are here somewhere, I just can't promise to find them any time soon). Magazine (1) is newer model... not original.

I was hoping to get about $450 shipped. Is that reasonable?

I think it has about 2500 rounds through it... I shot it a little for awhile, but then carried it more than shot it. It's in pretty nice condition though with no dents in the "plastic" or anything like that. It also has non-original Trijicon NS from 97.




Jon G23
06-06-2011, 12:08
LOL... no worries. I was told in PM by a member here (who says he is a big time buyer/seller of collector guns) that if it was new in the box it would be worth $425!!

ha ha ha

Any other feedback in public would be welcome too.

Thanks guys!