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06-07-2011, 22:00
Ordered a DPMS 20" A3 upper on midway and an A2 stock, buffer assembly kit and a lower parts kit on Saturday and bought a DPMS 3 digit serial lower from a Co-worker. Last week I bought a Spikes Tactical Punisher lower and a Spikes Nickle Boron BCG. The DPMS will be here Monday and it will be shot on Wednesday. The Spikes will be a build in progress because I'm not a money tree. Fells nice to join the crowd finally. The blue may look dumb to people and I realize that but I want something different and well, it is my gun after all.
Pic of lower painted with some nail polish.
Nickle Boron BCG ready for action.

06-09-2011, 19:09
Sounds like some great rifles are about to be born. Range report and finished pics are REQUIRED!!!

06-09-2011, 19:24
Can't wait to see them.:thumbsup: