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06-08-2011, 20:30
Can these guns be rechambered to .308? w/o rebarreling
Is their any better aftermarket safetys?
What brand/type of scope mount is better for this rifle?
Is it better to get a different bolt that is already turned down or cut and weld the old one?
looking at a 91/30. Do not mind the 7362x54r but I have .308 on hand.
thanks again

06-09-2011, 13:36
They cannot be rebarreled to 308. In fact I dont know of any cartridge they can be rebarreled to. Most scope mounts are for the rear sight, for a regular scope the best bet is to get a PU rail clone and a 1 inch mount. I think the Timney trigger may have a safety on it, but don't quote me on that. Realistically if you want a .308 buy a savage, a Nagant is not an easy gun to convert to anything.

06-09-2011, 22:15
10-4 thanks
just was wondering if it was like the 303 and could be converted to 308.
just have to shoot the russian ammo. no problem
thanks again