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View Full Version : Does the AR buffer spring ever go bad?

06-08-2011, 21:14
Or is their a advantage to replacing them after so many rounds or period of time if the AR is still functioning properly?

06-08-2011, 21:58
Yes they will wear out. As to how many rounds I don't know. I swap mine every 3-4k. However, I tend to run heavy'ish buffers and feel there is less margin for wear.

06-09-2011, 07:11
Yes, replace it when it no longer conforms to the dimensions below:

Gunnut 45/454
06-09-2011, 09:43
Here a link to the Army Manual for the M16/M4/AR15 down load a copy as it is the reference to all questions of the platform- with specs and replacement scheduals for parts! Every AR15 owner should have this reference. 50HWaLan%2B%2BxUO89IooYAE3Axh2Z2tzrnhuLAsXF7lc8&ct=AR

06-09-2011, 10:52
Use this manual it is more up to date.