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View Full Version : OWB concealed for Taurus 605 revolver?

06-10-2011, 13:56
Please recommend a concealment holster for a Taurus 605 revolver. This is a 2" barrelled 357 snubby; DAO revolver.

I'm thinking OWB since I already have an IWB for it and the cylinder thickness makes it painful to try to put inside of the belt!

I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance.


06-11-2011, 20:49
Simply Rugged 'Sourdough Pancake'. Have one for my S&W 642. It is well made, holds secure, and conceals extremely well under just a light shirt.

Jason D
06-12-2011, 16:48
The Galco Concealable and the Stinger are both very good holsters.
The Concealable is more like a pancake holster, but with only two slots and an extreme forward cant on the gun. 20+ degrees.

The Stinger is mostly just a wide single loop belt scabbard.