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IB Slingin
06-14-2011, 17:12
I ordered some Ameriglo GL-433's for my G19. Do I need a specific sight tool for installation? I think I remember reading somewhere the "Glock" installation tool wont work with these sights. Thanks

06-14-2011, 18:05
Just installed a set of GL-434s. I used a plastic punch I made to remove the old sight and install the new one. Most of the sight pushers are universal however they do work better on some sights than others. Ameriglo sends along a front sight tool that works well.

06-14-2011, 18:54
I'd like to know the same. I want to change a couple of mine to Ameriglos or possibly Warren's. I'd prefer not to hammer them in.

06-14-2011, 18:58
This is the one I bought for installing my Ameriglo sights
on my Glocks.
The straight sided sights use a different number tool, but this
model works on Glock and slant sided sights.


I wasted money on the cheap front sight tools, this is the best tool I ever
used for the money on Glock front sights. Made in Germany too.


06-14-2011, 19:01
The GL-433 rear sight has an angled side and is not too tall. I can't imagine why a standard pusher (designed for Glock angled sights) would have a problem with it.

06-14-2011, 20:39
I've used the MGW tool for Glocks with angled sights MANY times to install over a dozen Ameriglo Pro operator rear sights on my Glocks and it works great! I got mine at Top Gun Supply.