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06-15-2011, 13:49
Mr. Ayoob,

What are your views on the usage of 135gr JHPs as carry ammo for non-LEO's?

Over the last year I have purchased quite a bit of Federal's XM40HA .40s&w 135gr jhp's (which utilize the HST bullet). At $23 for 50, I can afford to ptactice with these much more than a competing product that comes in boxes of 20 for the same money, or sometimes more money. I am happy with the performance if the round at the range, and I have seen videos that show the expansion to be reliable.

I've found mixed opinions online regarding the efficacy of this lighter weight loading, with many claims of substandard sectional density leading to penetration depths in the neighborhood of 9". I understand that lighter bullets do tend to expand faster & penetrate less, but I wonder if some keyboard commandos are being overly emphatic in deriding the 135gr loading because it is not the "sacred cow" loading of 180 grains. Strangely, the exception to the criticism of lighter loadings has been the 140gr DPX. I figure that living in a condo in an urban area I thought the 135gr loading to be a good thing.

I thought it would be good to ask someone with real-world knowledge & experience. Am I being silly to carry 135gr cartridges, taking unnecessary risks?

Thank you for your time & effort in helping the community here :)

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Mas Ayoob
06-15-2011, 14:48
Many feel that a 10" deep wound that is very wide, as with a 135 grain .40 at 1300 foot seconds, is ideal for personal defense. At lower velocities, though, you're not getting that much corollary damage around the wound path.

I followed up on one shooting with 135 grain Federal Personal Defense out of a Glock 23. Shot stopped the attack, though the perp was able to continue some purposeful physical activity for a short time before he died. The load you mention is one I haven't run into any shootings with.


06-15-2011, 19:03
Thanks for the info. Incidentally, the Glock 23 happens to be what I carry much of the time. Sometimes a Ruger SR40, which has practically the same barrel length.

I figure if the first shot doesn't stop the attack, then one or two more pulls of the trigger should ;)

The Federal load I referenced (XM40HA) is reportedly averaging about 1247fps out of a 4.5" G22, so I figure it would not be much less than that out of a 4.02" barrel on a G23. 1200 fps? Still acceptable, I would think, no?

Mas Ayoob
06-15-2011, 20:05
Should be acceptable, GML, operative term being SHOULD. If I run across any shooting cases with it, I'll post them here. Might want to start a thread in caliber corner and see if anyone knows of any actual shootings with it.