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06-16-2011, 18:13

I have a Smith 442 and its point of impact is about 6" high with 158 gr bullets when fired at 20 yards.

I fired a variety of loads including factory federal +P 158 gr lead SWCHP, my reloads in 158 gr JHP behind 4.2 gr W231, and Zero factory reloads with 158 gr JHP +P. All about 6" high. Tried some 130 Win ball, 125 gr JHP Zero +P factory reloads and they both brought point of impact down to about point of aim.

On windage scale all loads ranged from point of aim to a little right. Windage aspect did not seem to have relationship to bullet weight.

So need a good 38 special 125-130 gr carry load for my 442. I was looking at two available on line at decent price. I would apprecitate your opinion of each load for use in 442.

Winchester Ranger 130 gr +P SXT, hollow point, RAS38SP.

Remington UMC +P 125 gr SJHP, L38S2



Mas Ayoob
06-16-2011, 19:00
Brother Jack, you've answered your own question. :-)

Try some 135 grain +P Speer Gold Dot .38 Special +P, the short barrel load that Ernest Durham at Speer designed expressly for NYPD to use out of their snubbies. It has worked well in multiple shootings and I've never heard of a failure with it.

The Winchester PDX 130 grain is very promising in gelatin testing, and I've run across one report where it was used on the street and worked quite well.

The 125 grain +P had a history of working sometimes, but not always.

Best advice I can give ya: try the 135 grain Speer.


06-16-2011, 20:14

Hard to find that ammo in stock. Finally found at ammunition to go, listed as in stock. I have not ordered from them before, but have heard good things.

Ordered three of 20 round boxes. With shipping at just under buck and a quarter a round, might ask bad guy if he wants to surrender before I unleash my deadly ammo.

But since I really don't worry about this ammo working in revolver, if range ammo works, will not need to use much beyond initially few rounds to assure continued function. Revolvers do have some advantages over semi autos.