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06-17-2011, 13:40
found this 1911 relevant

Everyone knows that John M. Browning designed the 1911 pistol.

Very few know that Sid Woodcock, the designer of the Detonics CombatMaster pistols held the 2nd most patents on the 1911 pistols and is credited for creating the first reliable production compact pistols.

Sid died on June 5 and I just found out the sad news.

Sid developed the full length guide rod, the captured recoil spring assembly, the multiple recoil spring systems, lowered ejection ports, the 'coned' barrel that eliminates bushing on both target guns and compact guns as well as dozens of other features commonly found on high dollar semi-custom and premium production pistols.

If you have a 1911 with any modern features on it, chances are that Sid designed, perfected and put into production the feature you appreciate. Guns featuring his patents include Para-USA, Kimber, Colt, Wilson, Ed Brown, Les Baer, etc.

Below is one of the very first CombatMasters ever produced, it pre-dates the captured recoil assembly, but clearly shows an early version of the "coned" barrel that eliminates the barrel bushing found on most non-target 1911 pistols:

Another early CombatMaster, this one features the more modern captured recoil assembly but shows the early "coned" barrel.

A modern full size target pistol with the more modern tapered cone barrel.

06-17-2011, 13:53

06-17-2011, 13:57
Damn,..........very sad news.

Rest in Peace Sid.

06-18-2011, 10:14
Sorry to hear this. I hope his family id coping with the bad news.

Bruce M
06-18-2011, 16:56
While rests in peace, many of us benefit from his genius. In that way a bit of him lives on. In the early 80's I thought Detonics was positioned to be the next police standard handgun.

06-18-2011, 18:12
Sorry to hear