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Glocknload 19
06-19-2011, 19:19
I'm a Bond Enforcement agent in Fla. and I'm looking for a second or back up weapon to My Glock 19 primary. Right now I carry a Ruger LCP as a back up, but I want to relagate this weapon to a third or hide out weapon if neccessary. With my LE discount I can purchase the Ruger LCR for the same price as the 442/642 no lock j frames, $339.00. Based on your extensive knowledge of both weapons, which would you choose and why, almost as if you were starting over with your first revolver. I plan on carrying the Gold Dot 135 +p in the revolver. I may be able to swing a deal where I can get a Trijicon factory installed Night sight on the LCR . Thank you for your input. Glocknload 19.

Mas Ayoob
06-19-2011, 20:31
Both are cool little guns. Recoil is subjective, but in my hand the LCR kicks a little less with the rubbery grips.

If at all possible, try a rental range that has both available for you to test drive. Shooting them side by side, one of them will probably become the puppy that licks your hand and convinces you to take it home.

Don't think you'll go wrong with either, tell ya the truth.

If you like 'em pretty much the same, and can get one with the Trijicon for a better value, that could certainly be a "deal-sealer."