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06-19-2011, 21:43
Anyone have any experience. with both a dedicated 22LR upper and a SW 15 22?
I am trying to decide on either a dedicated d 22LR upper or an ar style 22.
I do not have any experience experience in either. But I know my 10 22 isn't set up like my AR.

06-20-2011, 04:18
What questions do you have?

06-20-2011, 06:27
My goal is to have a cheap (as in cost of ammo) trainer for the AR platform.
I know there is not much difference in price. But 22's can be real finicky. I have a couple of 22 that will not even feed one mag reliability and a 10 22 that never has a hiccup. So how reliable are they?
Does anyone that has ons think they make good trainers?

06-20-2011, 07:41
Of all the different flavors out there, the Nordic seem to be the best. Both in reliability and accuracy.

Tactical Solutions is #2 on my list of good options.

The Nordic 10/22 dress up kit is also a good way to get the feel of an AR while using a 10/22.

06-20-2011, 10:38
I would rather have a conversion kit or upper rather than a whole nother gun, if you can get one that is reliable.

I have a 'Colt m4 22' that just takes up space, since I have more real ARs now and 10/22 I won, and unfortunately the price of those has dropped severely since they came out.

06-20-2011, 10:46
I have both the SW 15/22 and a dedicated upper. The SW 15/22 is a very good trainer since it functions exactly the same as a regular AR - the weight is a little light in my opinion when compared to a regular AR. Right now I have been using my dedicated upper from CMMG more since it replicates the weight of my AR. I just bought the bolt hold open jig that they have and now it functions the same as its 223 counterpart. It has been very reliable and would feed all the bulk ammo that I have fed it. Its much more reliable than my 15/22.

06-20-2011, 11:32
I have a Spikes ST-22 dedicated upper on a BCM lower.
It's been very reliable with high velocity ammo. Very accurate, cheap shooter.

CMMG is setting the standard these days, their conversion kit & dedicated uppers
are outstanding. I have no experience with the Tactical Solutions, but I have
read reviews that they are very good as well.


06-21-2011, 07:22
I did field testing for CMMG's Evolution .22. My M4 LE has well over 13K through it with exactly 3 FTE's not ammo or maintenance related.
It's the most reliable AR .22 system I have tested.
Mine will shoot sub 1" at 50 yards with Eley EPS and 1.2" at 50 with CCI mini mags. Bone stock.
I recommend the stainless bolt. It's stronger, smoother, and uses 1 drop of oil per rail, thus staying cleaner longer.
It cycles CCI subs reliably.
Remington, in the beggining, had trouble feeding and is not recommended. It's also extremly dirty.
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

06-21-2011, 15:12
Both my brother and I have Tactical Solutions 22lr uppers, and they run great on everything from bulk Federal from the Wal Monster to CCI Mini Mags. The bolt locks open on the last round, and every control, except for the forward assist, works the same as on a centerfire AR.