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06-21-2011, 09:43
I have had a LR-308B, I am happy with the way that it shoots off of the bench and getting Pmags has improved the overall function of it along with finally getting a few hundred rounds down the tube. Everything but ATI FMJ cycles the action and feeds without a problem, for some reason (too mild) the ATI I bought from ammo to go wouldn't come close to cycling.

One thing I dislike about my t/e weapon (M4A3) and my LR is the short overall length of the handguard when shooting from the prone and sitting. I bought the rifle to shoot out to 600 yards at paper and maybe 300 yards on miscellaneous varmint occasionally when I had my 243 else where. Some day I would like to put better optics and a bipod on it and try my hand at a little more distance if I can wring enough accuracy out of it (I am getting about 1 inch at 100 yards and a little over 2 inches at 200), but admittedly, I haven't fed it any true heavy match ammunition, just S&B 168 gr and some 180 gr Winchester soft points for grouping. The 125 gr opened up my groups a lot, but they shot fine in my Savage 10FP, so I just stuck with heavier stuff. I am also using the fixed 10 power mil dot from the Bushnell 3200 series, but I plan on upgrading eventually to a variable scope with a little more upper end magnification (12-14x). I like the 14 power on my bolt gun and I think it contributes to precision accuracy on paper if for no more reason than I can adjust the focus and see the target and crosshair a little better. Mostly in my mind I suppose.

On to the actual question. I would like to use the 15" vtac handguard on the rifle to give me maximum forearm area for my hands, sling point, and eventually bipod mounting point. I am trying to buy a low profile gas block, adjustable or not, that will fit under the inside diameter of that particular handguard so I can take it to a gun smith and get it mounted while I am on R&R. I am looking at the JP low pro adjustable from their website that fits my barrel profile, it seems to fit when I read dimensions, but I am hoping that someone has personal experience mounting one under a similar handguard. ... sr-25.html

06-21-2011, 10:11
No experience with that low-pro block. Call JP and ask them about fitment.

06-21-2011, 10:31
No experience with that low-pro block. Call JP and ask them about fitment.

I might have to, but I am trying to avoid burning through valuable minutes on a phone card. Hopefully if that is the route that I have to take, they don't put me on hold for very long. I will see if email is an option.