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Reb 56
06-21-2011, 22:20

Would like your opinion on ammo for an LCP .380,right now am using Golden Sabre 102 grn.
Or would I be better off with a 100 grn hard cast Buffalo Bore for better penetration?

Mas Ayoob
06-22-2011, 05:27
Carlos, it's a coin toss. With the .380's power envelope, you can get the penetration level FBI looks for, or you can get expansion, but it's tough to get both. IMHO, I think you'd be better off with a .38 Special or one of the current generation subcompact 9mms.


Reb 56
06-22-2011, 18:26
Thanks Mas
Maybe I should check out the new Ruger LC9 as I do like the 9mm in my Glocks.