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06-25-2011, 02:19
Gidday Mas,

I've been reading your articles in various magazines for many years now and appreciate the chance to pose a question about home defence to you directly.

I'm an Australian and while I am legally able to own firearms (including handguns) they are required to be stored unloaded in a locked safe. Ammo has to be stored in a seperate "locked receptacle". Basically it would take me a while to take my Glock 17 from its storage and load it. The law is deliberately drafted that way to ensure that people effectively cannot use firearms to defend themselves or their family.

Like most communities the regional city that I live in has crime problems (mostly drug related) and there have been several home invasions over the years that have left homeowners injured or dead. In one unfortunate attack last year an 18 year old thug raped and then beat to death an 88 year old lady so we certainly have some of the worst examples of the criminal breed in our midst.

Putting aside any attempt to set up circumstances where I could both comply with the firearms storage requirements AND be able to obtain a loaded pistol at short notice I think that the only real (legal) solution is not to use a firearm for home defence

That leaves blunt force and edged weapons as the only legal alternative. Along that lines I have been thinking that a short bladed machete may be the best compromise for dealing with someone who breaks into my home. Most home invaders tend to be armed with knives, bats etc and fortunately few carry firearms.

Given my circumstances what would be your recommendations?



Mas Ayoob
06-25-2011, 07:13
Andrew, I'm not familiar with Australian law, but from what you describe, two quick-opening safes close to one another -- one with pistol, one with magazines -- would give me more peace of mind against multiple attackers with edged weapons than would sword or staff.

How is your law on crossbows and such stored in the home?


06-25-2011, 21:37
Crossbows are treated as firearms and must also be stored in a locked safe.

I currently have a pistol safe in the bedroom and a locked container with the ammo. I timed myself last night and it will still take about a minute or more to get into an action condition.

I have dogs as an early warning system and we obviously lock our doors at night.

I have only been broen into once but it was when I was 21 years old. At the time I was in the Regular Army and my fitness level and agression allowed me to beat the intruder into submission with a maglite torch. By the time the police arrived he was no longer conscious. Fortunately he was not armed. Things have changed a lot since then. I'm 40 years old, been out of the service for 13 years, have a wife and two young children and it seems now that all the criminals are armed with something like a knife or a bat etc.

Obvously if I would choose to fight with a firearm if I had the time to gain access and load it but a minute is a long time in some circumstances. I really need another option as an "immediate" response.

Another issue is that the police in Australia are very anti gun. It is a sad fact that an intruder with a bullet hole in them will bring down the wrath of the authorities whereas someone beaten to death with a pick handle might not even result in charges. To Australian poloticians and law enforcement firearms are simply evil. Our right to self defence is guaranteed under law but the same law prohibits effective means of enabling that defence:steamed:

Mas Ayoob
06-25-2011, 23:25
Well, bro, you have my sympathy.

Let me remind you that the USA accepts refugees.

Have you looked at QUICK RELEASE lock-boxes close together, one for pistol and one for magazines? That should be a lot faster than what you've found with your current gear.

Be reaching out to martial arts studios where you live, for competent training in edged weapons and impact weapons.

On your side and wishing it was better for you there,


07-02-2011, 00:09
Thanks Mas,

I'm looking at some options with safes. There may be a technicality with having a magazine loaded so I am investigating that also. If so then it might have to be a couple of speedloaders ready to go for my GP100.