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06-26-2011, 19:48
I have the factory adjustable rear sight, but went to a narrow steel front sight. I like the sight picture much better, but the front sight is taller and I am out of elevation adjustemnt with the factory Glock adjustable sight. Still hits about 4 inches low at 20 yards.

I understand Glock makes about 4-5 different non-adjustable size rear sights. Any Glock mechanics know if any of the Glock factory plastic rears are higher than the highest adjustment of the factory adjustable - and/or does anyone know of a web site that sells a kit of sorts (3-4 rears of different heights). I thought I ran across a web site that did a while back, but danged if I can find it again. Any help woudl be appreciated.


07-04-2011, 14:28
The factory rear sight will adjust to all the fixed sight settings.
File off some of the front sight and readjust the rear for impact.