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Tiro Fijo
06-30-2011, 04:21
I bought a used Gen2 G19 recently and am having light hits before & after the six part upgrade. I have replaced the following:

New OEM Recoil spring
New extractor GLSP00098
New trigger bar GLSP02303
New OEM Slide lock spring
Vickers Tactical slide stop
New FP safety & spring
Extractor Dep. Plunger GLSP00112
Extractor Dep. Plunger Spring & bearing
New FP GLSP00049
New FP spring
New cups
New FP spacer
New channel liner

The old channel liner was loose and I still can't get the new one to seat permanently to I have lightly emeried it & will use a 3/8" dowel tomorrow.

I had light hits as well BEFORE gutting the internals and worte it off to Win. WB ammo. However, it did the same AFTER the parts upgrade and even on some Fed. BPLE. That has me worried. I have checked everything, even the slide lock. Everything looks great & appears to be in spec.

Any ideas? :dunno:

07-04-2011, 13:44
I would suspect the breach face has a thickness issue. Contact GI warranty and make arrangements to return the slide to the factory

Tiro Fijo
07-04-2011, 14:38
Thank you, sir.