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07-02-2011, 20:08

Any idea if/when you might get some of the new "dot" connectors in stock? I've read about this new connector in a thread here and elsewhere on the web. Supposedly it reduces trigger pull in Gen4 pistols by about 1/2 pound.

Anyway, I'd love to get my hands on a couple for my Gen4 pistols, but I didn't see these advertised on Lone Wolf's website or any other glock parts sites I use.

07-04-2011, 13:27
We recently learned of the dot connector and plan to carry them when GI makes them available.
The good news is..... LWD has completely redesigned our own connector and incorporated a new finish. These connectors will be available in the next couple weeks. It is our experience they work EXCELLENT in all Glock models Gen1 through Gen4. There will be no need for the factory dot connector in the very near future

07-04-2011, 22:21
Cool! As for the new LWD connector you write of, will this be a "-" connector or standard weight? I've never been a fan of the "-" connectors for my carry guns as I find them just a tad too light and mushy.

Although, to be fair, I've not tried a Lone Wolf "-" connector.

07-05-2011, 13:09
The LWD connector is a "-". The main issue here is that the "-" connectors develop more resistance in the Gen4 guns so it actually may be everything you had hoped for?

07-05-2011, 17:15
Thanks, JR. I look forward to seeing/trying your new connector as well as the DOT connector.

07-12-2011, 00:28
Any idea, yet, when the "dot" connector might be available?

07-12-2011, 15:48
We are looking for them from our distributors now.