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07-04-2011, 18:59
Mr. Rantala,

I work in Washington D.C., and would like to keep a small mask in my backpack and/or car, in the event of an attack. I realize it would be best buy buy a full on mask, but I had questions about two specific masks and their effectiveness.

Air Aid Emergency Mask:

MSA Affinity Ultra N100:

I realize these will only provide minimal protection, but I'm just looking for something extremely compact to keep with me, along with iosat tablets and other necessary precautions, that will help me in the event of an attack, whether it be a bomb, dirty bomb, nuclear, biological, etc.


Thanks in advance.

JC Refuge
07-04-2011, 19:25
Some kind of protection is better than none. Each of those handy, relatively inexpensive, disposable masks serves a slightly different purpose and risk profile.

If you are serious about protecting yourself (and working in D.C., you certainly should be serious about it), and you want to count on something like these, I'd suggest you also carry snug-fitting goggles to shield your eyes, as without them your eyes would be very vulnerable to biological or chemical contaminants.

I'm not personally well-versed in either of these masks, but this first one is the one that looks to me like the most worthwhile option (in fact I am going to look into this one further for my own purposes) ...
Air Aid Emergency Mask:

The second mask also I'm sure has some benefits, but being N100, I suspect it is actually quite difficult to breath through when it is properly seated around your mouth and nose ...
MSA Affinity Ultra N100:

Bottom line--preparedness is about peace of mind. If you are comfortable and confident in your preps, then you are halfway to your goal. Do your research and when you make your decision, feel good about it and move forward to the next challenge in your journey.

07-04-2011, 23:12
Thanks for your response!

Is like to ask a follow-up question if I may.

Since you don't have much experience with any of those masks, what is a very compact mask that you WOULD recommend in conjunction with some goggles?

What compact protective equipment (i realize this is minimal protection), in the event of a nuclear, bio, or explosive attack, that can fit in a backpack would you recommend, or am I pretty much set with respiratory and eye protection?

Sorry, I'm new to the game. Thanks a lot!

JC Refuge
07-05-2011, 06:13
Well, disposable masks are a rather risky, last-resort kind of solution for scenarios you are envisioning as nuclear, chemical or biological. My suggestion is that if you are going to prepare, then do it well.

The mask I have on hand for my family and sell to our customers is the Venus Ultimate Protector (, a full face mask approved by NIOSH, the EU, and NATO.

It uses the NP8000 air filter--sealed for long-term storage. It is a combination filter ... effective against biological hazards, certain gases and vapors, radionuclides, airborne radiation and contaminated dust. It's been tested against nerve gas by the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

As for portability--it will easily fit in a backpack (though admittedly it will of course take up more room than disposable masks).