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07-06-2011, 07:18
This is a carry gun for me so I won't ever alter the action. I want the firing system to be bone stock. I have only added the below sights, extended slide lock and a plug.

I ALWAYS add night sight to any gun that will be used for home defense or as a CCW gun.

I bought this Glock 23 gen 4 about three months ago and have run almost 1000 rounds of FMJ and 250 rounds of 180 grain Gold Dots. The only issue I had was it was ejecting brass back at my head with WWB ammo. A quick disassembly and cleaning of the extractor and everything was good to go.

I bought these Ameriglo sights from here:

Great seller and super fast shipping!!!!!

I put them on last night and went out and shot 100 rounds through it to make sure they were on. They use the same sight picture as the stock sights (6 o'clock hold). Very bright in low light or no light conditions and that orange dot just jumps out at you during the day. I highly reccomend them for $68 delivered!!!!

James Dean
07-06-2011, 07:26
For me its stock also. Even down to the sights. If I do go with night sights, its Glock night sights

07-09-2011, 00:56
Those look very similar to the Trijicon HD sights, but almost half price. I have seen similar sights on some Exo model guns, but they had a rounded notch in the rear sight.

07-12-2011, 20:02
Why the "Plug"?

07-13-2011, 00:45
I just got a 23 gen 4 for ccw and the stock sights are plastic and wearing already. How hard is it to change the polymer sights to a steel or
Glock type nite sight?