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07-07-2011, 19:36
I am in need of refilling my new magazines solely for home defense situations. What SD/HD 9mm ammo can you recommend that will do the job? The reason why I wanted to go for lesser cost is because it will allow me to afford practicing that exact load at the range more often. I wish I could shoot a box of Winchester Ranger 127gr +P+ at end of each session but its not ideal financially. For indoor situations, would a higher grain or lower grain be more ideal?

Mas Ayoob
07-07-2011, 20:15
Nnngghh!! Mmmfff! Why can't I find a "biting my tongue" emoticon on GT?

Brother GT9, some things don't fit in the same sentence. "Man-stopper .25 ACP." "Good, safe, cheap 2-ply retread tires."

And, sadly, "Good, cheap 9mm HD/SD ammo."

In the more powerful handgun rounds, you can get by with cheap. Rem-UMC .357 Magnum 125 grain semi-jacketed hollow point, for instance. Or, if your pistol is a 5" Government-size or 4.5" G21 size, Winchester White Box 230 grain JHP.

The smaller the caliber, the more "picky" it seems to be to find stuff that works, and that stuff tends to be the pricier premium loads, whether your preferred flavor is "light & fast" or "slow & heavy."

If I had to go with a budget 9mm load, it would probably be either WWB 115 grain JHP or Rem-UMC 115 grain JHP. But in that caliber, I'd honestly be saving up for enough of a premium 124/127 grain hi velocity load, maybe 250 rounds, to test drive the gun with the first couple hundred and load out of the last box.


07-07-2011, 22:49
lol sorry if I insulted you. I should mention the pistol mentioned is my Gen3 G17. I thought the +P+ load would be too much if I were to miss the BG and have it go through the house walls and strike a person in the other room. So I figured I could get away with "cheaper" ammo. What are some solid options in the 124/127 grain for 50 rounds that cost $20 and under?

Mas Ayoob
07-08-2011, 05:15
No insult at all, bro.

The economy JHP seems to be mostly in 115 or 147 grain, all "low tech" bullets.

No kiddin,' with the money you save buying (relatively) cheap practice ammo, I'd recommend one of the higher tech JHPs (Gold Dot, Winchester Ranger, etc.) for carry.

The folks at Caliber Corner seem to stay on top of the best online deals for good ammo. It'd be worth your time to cruise through there and look for recent threads on the subject, or maybe start one yourself.