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07-10-2011, 10:13
For starters, I'm a thin guy (5'10" 165ish lbs) and I don't wear overly baggy clothes. I have a crossbreed supertuck for my G23. Very comfortable holster, but the problem is, I can't find a good position where there is no printing without wearing black everyday. The best I can do right now is slightly forward of the 3 oclock position, but the butt prints at even the slightest bend.

I've been looking at the galco king tuk and going off the pictures on midwayusa, it looks like the king tuk has a higher cant of the kydex, which might solve my problem. Can anyone that has used both be able to tell me if the cant of the king tuk is indeed further foreward and if it is, is it enough to notice a difference? I was also looking at the MTAC but the cant looks to be about the same as the supertuck.

07-10-2011, 10:57
increase the forward cant.

07-10-2011, 12:22
I don't have the Crossbreed, but I do wear a King Tuk for a 5" 1911 (I'm 5'10" 140lbs), and the cant is forward enough that I didn't have problems printing wearing it at 4clock. FWIW

07-11-2011, 20:35
I'm also 5' 10" and 165lbs, I've just started carring concealed with the crossbreed. I've adjusted the cant and don't have a problem printing even with a tee shirt. Front clip is in the third hole from the bottom and the back clip is in the first hole(bottom) and i wear in the 3:30 position. Works with my G26 or G19.