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07-11-2011, 16:33
I understand there is a version of Win7 that will allow XP programs to run, using VirtualPC or other virtualization software. Assuming that version of Win7 is more expensive the other versions, why not simply use virtualization software? Or, am I missing something?

07-11-2011, 16:36
It's Windows 7 pro, and it supports it natively. So I guess in theory there would be less problems than running say, VirtualBox. Plus, you can buy it preconfiugred from Dell with the virtual machine already configured with XP.

Sgt. Schultz
07-11-2011, 21:35
XP mode is different from VMware, VirtualBox, Virtual PC etc ... it allows users to install applications that are not compatible with windows 7 (or Vista) and access them directly from the Windows 7 start menu ... just as if they would any application.

It's really intended for businesses that have some "home grown" application or an application from a vendor that has gone out of business which is essential to the continued operation of their business but they want to make the move to Windows 7 and new computers.