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07-13-2011, 08:09
Mr. Ayoob,

As we draw from experience in old cases, sometimes we can forget the potential usefulness of modern video surveillance systems. Modern means cheaper, more affordable, and simple. And certainly cheaper than long-winded lawsuit cases.

As I looked into the cases that you involved in, there's always a reconstruction of perceived reality from he-said/she-said and expert witnesses. I can't help but think about the potential usefulness of video cameras.

How have the surveillance cameras been useful in self-defense settings?

Today, you can get a video camera for just $30 at office supply stores. Wouldn't that be so useful in cars, etc. to record both video and voice of what actually transpired?


Mas Ayoob
07-13-2011, 19:07
I can tell you it's been valuable in some armed citizen shootings, and hugely valuable over the years to police to support their accounts of use of force incidents and even routine traffic stops.


07-13-2011, 20:14
Very well. Then as a person getting their home, car, or business to "self-defense ready", the addition of video surveillance should be part of the entire self-defense package.

The weapons protect the person from BG, but the video protect the person from over-zealous prosecutors.

Thx, Sir.