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Gary Slider
07-13-2011, 10:06
A Draft Wisconsin Page has been added at Handgunlaw.us There are some blank areas in the information as the WI DOJ must write Administrative Rules on how they will implement the new law. They DOJ will also post a list of states that WI will honor. From the law the states must run a background check on the permit/license holder when they apply. The vast majority of states run background checks on those who do apply. WI will not have universal Recognition. Also the state will most likely put up web pages with information on how to apply, FAQís etc. As these links become available they will be added to the Wisconsin page. WIís Carry Law will take effect 11/1/11.

North Carolina has passed a limited Parking Lot Storage Law. Governments canít stop you from storing your firearm in a vehicle parked on their property. Again the law is limited to specific areas as mentioned in the law and does not cover all property. State Parks and Waters are not Off Limits to those with a Permit/License with the passage of the new law. These new laws do not go into effect in NC until 12/1/11

Mississippi passed a new law that would allow those with an endorsement who has had training from a National Firearms Org or other Recognized Org to carry in some places now listed as off limits. Problem is The Mississippi DPS has not followed the administrative procedures law which requires them to publish proposed rules and regulations and take public comment. The Mississippi DPS refuses to recognize any training completed before the law's July first effective date, and has yet to approve any instructors or courses. DPS Attorney Timothy Smith says the department decided to design its own training requirement quote: "because of liability concerns." So until this is ironed out and it might take a court case I would not carry into places under House Bill 506 even if you have the training as outline in the new law. This law was to become effective 7/1/11.

07-13-2011, 10:40
Don't live/carry in any of those States, but thanks for the updates, as it it always nice to know what is going on in other areas of the country.

07-13-2011, 14:26
never mind, I found the information. The craziest part of the bill is requiring us to retake the 16 hour course with each renewal only using their selected instructors. It looks like the NRA is being cut out the program before it even gets fired up. Stupid idiots up in Jackson these days.

07-13-2011, 16:02
I would expect WI reciprocity to take awhile to work out. Usually each state must work out an agreement, signed by the respective Attorney General.

Gary Slider
07-13-2011, 17:11

WI law states that they will honor any states permit that requires a background check as part of the process or the Permit/License holder has undergone a background check at their request. So WI will just look at every states laws and if they require a background check they will honor that states permit/license.

WI will sign agreements with those that have a background check as that will allow WI residents to carry in that state with their MN Permit/License. The WI DOJ should publish a list of states that meet those requirements on or about the date the law goes into effect. They are instructed in the law to publish such a list.

07-19-2011, 23:19

Any news on Oregon and Minnesota and their recognition/reciprocity legislation?

Gary Slider
07-20-2011, 06:44
I have not heard anything about MN. Oregon's didn't pass. I have to say I don't pay much attention until something gets close to passing or passes. A bill introduced many times never makes it through the process and or gets changed so much it isn't anything like the bill introduced.

Also WI Has put up a webpage to watch for information on their new law. They say they will post everything there.