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07-13-2011, 13:45
I've got a pretty nice lower that's never been part of a rifle.

Its a "caliber multi" as far as its marked.

I bought it new and partially assembled, guy didn't have an upper for it yet.

Those 8" 300 Blackout rifles are calling my name, but before I embark into NFA land I was wondering if anyone knows for sure the way I can tell if this lower can be legally built into a pistol.

Does it have to be marked as a pistol?

I've tried asking the local gunshop commandos, since they actually sell suppressors and other NFA items and gotten conflicting answers. My understanding is that a pistol can become a rifle (via SBR or really long barreled pistol) but going back again is less easy. So it boils down to, is this stripped AR lower somehow already a rifle or pistol?

I have no interest in playing in the gray area here, so I am just wondering if it will be legal to build the lower into a pistol instead of a rifle as I originally planned.

If this is illegal I'll probably either scrap the idea or go with a 16".

07-13-2011, 14:22
I've heard it both ways... if you put a stock on it, it's a rifle, and then I have heard it must have had a barreled action on it to call it a rifle.

the 4473 should say "receiver". and you should be ok. If it says "rifle" you're stuck as a rifle.

I have my pistol lower actually listed as a pistol on the 4473, even though I purchased it as a stripped lower. This CLEARLY shows my intent on how to assemble it.

07-14-2011, 01:38
The lower doesn't have to be marked pistol or anything particular. I bought a stripped lower and it was just marked with the caliber and it was registered as a pistol.

As far as the other part... I have heard it both ways too that as soon as a stock is on it, it's a rifle forever but I have also heard that until it is a functioning firearm with an action and barrel that makes it capable of firing, it's not anything. Who knows.

07-15-2011, 13:10
it needs to be assembled as a complete rifle and once assembled, it can never be a pistol without NFA. a lower with a buttstock is nothing. a lower with an upper and no stock is nothing either.

+1 check the wording on your paperwork. if the guy wrote rifle reciever, i would not make it a pistol (it says rifle, and you cannot prove you never assembled it). if it was registered as just a reciever or pistol reciever, then you are fine so long as its never been assembled as a rifle.

if you really arent sure, just buy another lower. they are only 80$ and you can specifically have this one registered as a pistol and know you are good to go.

07-15-2011, 13:26
Good to know, thanks!!