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07-15-2011, 16:58

This question is in regards to a G35

On one of the posts in this folder (I think it was on page 22 or close to it) that for a sweet trigger pull you suggested:

LWD Ultimate Trigger Stop 40/357 (http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=930&CAT=163)
LWD Connector 3.5 lb (http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1031&CAT=163)
Wolff Trigger Spring 6 lbs (http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1389&CAT=163)
Wolff 4 lb Striker Spring (http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1386&CAT=163)

On several posts you have recommended experimenting with different springs for different results. Ok I am game, the springs are cheap too.

What is the relationship between the striker spring force and the trigger spring force?

Are there any other combinations you would suggest trying?

For the record, I like to tinker a bit with the guns and probably enjoy that as much if not more than actually shooting.

07-16-2011, 15:13
You dont feel striker spring resistance until the final part of trigger pull. A weaker striker spring (4 lb compared to stock 5 lb) is easier to pull. Problem is, it could result in a light primer hit. If you install the 4 lb striker spring you need to prove its reliability with the ammo you plan to use.

A stronger trigger spring (6 lb compared to stock 5 lb) exerts constant reward force on the trigger making it noticeably easier to pull.

There are lots of other things to try but usually requires part modification. The above mentioned trigger job is drop is so anybody can do it.

If you own every trigger spring, connector & striker spring you will be out about $40. With these in hand you can build every (basic) trigger and decide which is best for you.

07-16-2011, 16:10
Ok thanks when everything is back in stock I will do that; it sounds like a fun project.

07-16-2011, 18:31
When you place an order you can choose to have it ship complete or ship what is on-hand and back order the rest.
Either way, you will enjoy trying out all the combinations

07-16-2011, 21:44
Thanks and I look forward to more mods.

Hey as an idea, if you had a trigger kit with all the possible springs and options available, I would buy it. Just as a thought, but the mods have been so much fun and I really appreciate the parts and options, a full kit with a little of everything would be a really fun weekend.

Ok I will put an order together this soon.

07-17-2011, 09:45
Now I feel stupid....


07-17-2011, 14:34
It shows good character to be able to laugh at your self. You are doing good, no worries.