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07-15-2011, 20:02
Does Lonewolf glock factory style porting require the stock slide to be refinished after being ported? Also which of these guns would benefit the most from the porting, a G21 or G23? I dont carry the 21 very often and it is mostly just a range gun, but the 23 will be a carry gun along with my 26 once T-shirt weather is over and I am wearing thicker clothing.

07-16-2011, 14:52
LWD uses an EDM to port slides & barrels. You can refinish the part if you like but the majority of shooters simply leave it as is.

The problem with porting the factory slides & barrels is the high content of carbon in the material. If the EDM electrode comes in contact with a flake of carbon it will "blow out" the burn and ruin the electrode & part. We have done a lot of factory slides & barrels and experience approximately 1% blow out rate. It is unfortunate and unavoidable, you need to consider this possibility before proceeding with a port job.

BTW: There is NO danger of a blow out with stainless slides or barrels.