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Buckeye Glocks
07-16-2011, 15:10
Are all striker assemblies the same size/length?

The striker assembly in my G32 rattles when the gun is not cocked. None of my other Glocks have this rattle in the slide when the gun is not cocked.

I was going to switch striker assemblies between the 32 and another model to see if that assembly did the same thing in another gun and put the non rattling assembly in the 32 to see if that stopped the rattle there.

I don't want to do this unless they are the same size.

Just trying to do a little trouble shooting and thought the ask the expert would be the best place to start before I screwed something up.


07-16-2011, 15:36
Rattle is not an issue. Some do, some dont.
The 9mms are all the same
The 40/357 are all the same
The 10/45 ACP are all the same