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mike g35
07-16-2011, 20:56
I have a S&W 627pc w/ a 5 inch barrel and I have had the hammer bobbed and polished, the trigger polished, the action tuned (competition tune by BC armory) and a fiber optic front sight installed. I have a hogue extended cylinder release and a pair of hogue big butt rubber conversion grips on it. I was just wanting some opinions on this set up and if anyone knows of any competitions I can shoot with it besides ICORE i'm all ears. So, what do you guys think? The gun is super accurate and handles like a dream but I want to know what others thimk of my set up.

mike g35
07-16-2011, 20:58
what others THINK not thimk (ha ha ha) sorry for the typing error.

07-23-2011, 17:57
You can shoot it in USPSA, but even though you load 8 rds you can only fire 6 before you reload, otherwise you will be put into the open class.

I am considering buying one of those 627's for myself.

07-23-2011, 18:13
Pictures :whistling:

mike g35
07-23-2011, 20:32
I gotta figure out how to post a pic. Everyone wants to see my guns either because they think I am lying (i assure you I am not) or out of genuine interest. All I can tell you is buy the 627 but you may not want the PC model. I have the 627pc and it has been back to S&W twice. I finally decided to send it to Bruce Waren at BC Armory and I am not disappointed now. BC Armory can do everything S&W performance center can and more and DEFINITELY BETTER!!! I am a picky guy though when it comes to my custom firearms.

07-23-2011, 20:46
It is sad to say it, but a lot of S&W Performance Center guns have to go back to the factory to correct problems. Usually they will get it right the first time though. I am very picky about my revolvers also. I just bought a 5 inch 625 that I am getting prepped for ICORE and USPSA. I would like to send it out to Pinnacle but he has a very long waiting list and I am not a patient person. Maybe I will call BC up and see how long their wait list is.