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View Full Version : Pls. Post a pic of glock 39 ejector pin birds eye view .

07-18-2011, 20:24
I will be getting my glock 39 on Wednesday from my FFL, but i noticed when i checked the gun today. The ejector pin is bent like an S . The Ejector pin on the based seems half of it is bent and not parallel to the base housing. Then from the middle of the ejector to the tip it has another bend. Kindda like the whole ejector is in the slightly letter s configuration. Seems weird bec. I had glock 27 and 35 before where the ejector is slightly bent, but not this S shape.

If you guys have time to post a pic of your G39 ejector pin. I do appreciate it.
I have 3 days to inspect it. The gun is mint but used and dealer said only 25 rounds went through it. Thanks in advance.

07-19-2011, 19:43
All is well and as should be. The 45 cal ejector is small & bent.... not at all like the 40/357 ejector

07-21-2011, 17:28
Thanks JR! I had a chance to fire the baby GAP today and it was great! Less recoil than my previous baby Glock 40 S&W (G27). 50 rounds of 45 GAP went through it without any feeding issues... zero!

07-24-2011, 14:15
Glad to learn you are happy with the new gun. Thanks for the range report