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07-18-2011, 21:29
On the tube what information goes on the tube? The only thing that I have now is the serial number. Not the manufacture's info thats on the form 4, nor the dealer that put the kit on it make it a usable firearm. what do I need? It's is a smg. It's a M3A1 tube gun registered as a M3A2. Iknow what the form 4 says as who the manufacture is but it's not on the tube. Thanks

Zak Smith
07-20-2011, 13:03
Normally "receivers" are required to have manufacturer name, location, and serial #. If you gave more details about who made the tube it might help.

07-20-2011, 19:06
The name on the form 4 is Broadhead Armoury, and my dealer (if I remember right) bought two tubes from Dan Shea back in '97. He built it up with a kit from Ithica. The only thing nthat is on the tube is the serial number from Broadhead Armoury. The dealer never said that I need anything else on the tube.